The art of gardening is one of the most complicated forms of art.

After all, you are working with living materials and you are dependent on many natural factors. Her many years of experience as a garden designer, borders specialist and gardener have made Dina Deferme an expert in this field. In her fourth book and bestseller Droomcombinaties (Dream Combinations), sequel to the bestseller Bordergeheimen (Border Secrets), she explains, with all kinds of practical tips and interesting bits of know-how, how to design a garden and afterwards successfully ‘bring it up’ to maturity.

‘Gardening is to paint with the brush of imagination, with knowledge and a steady hand.’


Droomcombinaties by the garden designer Dina Deferme has been declared the best Flemish garden book of 2009. It is practical, easy to follow and has moreover been illustrated in a masterly way, and Dina Deferme received the prestigious Beervelde Award for it.



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